Physical Activity Promotes Health

Physical Activity Promotes Health

When you talk about fitness, what is often mentioned first are the physical aspects such as your body’s strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, etc. But these alone will not bring about the best result. True, it is always good to start with a good foundation. However, when it comes to the latter, you cannot neglect your mental and emotional fitness. The following are some ways on how you can improve your personal fitness:

Mental Fitness. To be more specific, physical fitness is only a means to an end and, more importantly, the ability to do certain tasks well and efficiently. In essence, your fitness level is your mental fitness because the two are intrinsically connected. Physical fitness is usually achieved through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep and a proper recovery regimen. On the other hand, mental fitness is acquired through positive thinking, optimistic outlook in life, and active pursuit of goals that make one excel in life.

Strength and Flexibility. These two factors are often neglected in the workout routine of most people. But they are as important as cardio and aerobic exercises because they can directly or indirectly improve your general fitness level. Through effective stretching, strengthening of the muscles and joints, as well as increased flexibility, blood circulation and oxygen flow are improved. This then leads to better circulation of oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body where it is needed for strength and vigor.

Cardiovascular Fitness. A well-rounded fitness program enhances cardiovascular fitness. Heart rate is actually proportional to your metabolic activity or that metabolic process which involves the transfer of nutrient intake from the bloodstream to various organ systems including the muscles, tissues, organs, etc. Therefore, by keeping your heart beat in check, you are able to keep your metabolism in check as well. Thus, cardiovascular fitness allows one to be able to move without undue fatigue and to do daily activities comfortably. It also reduces stress on the nervous system.

Muscular Fitness. One should be physically fit to perform any type of physical activity or sport effectively. Muscular fitness improves the power of your muscular and skeletal systems. Moreover, it is essential in preventing injuries and maintaining correct body alignment. Hence, muscular fitness encompasses a variety of activities like weightlifting, yoga, swimming, jogging, tennis, cycling, martial arts, football, soccer, climbing, running, dancing, and many others. Hence, a regular physical activity is very important for maintaining a healthy body.

Overall Fitness. Muscular fitness enables one to resist and overcome stress and to keep the body immune to diseases and illness. Therefore, it also prevents many diseases and health problems, which include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, and COPD. In addition, a well-balanced diet and regular workouts maintain overall fitness. Hence, a balanced combination of diet and workouts is the best way to have an active life and prevent chronic diseases and health problems.

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